Narre Warren Child Care: Child care is an educational journey

Children can thrive in high-quality childcare programs when they meet responsive caregivers who are well-trained and supportive.

Three places have an impact on a child’s education it is their family their school and the community. Childcare is provided by relatives and other family members but the perspective can be changed when children are sent to a school. At this point, it is the school that is providing childcare for a certain amount of time. At this point, it is the school provides childcare for a certain amount of time. Child care is an important part of the community.

Most people refrain from talking about childcare as education. They consider the term the children must be, it should highlight that childcare is more than education, it is what the children must be and it helps support families and their working schedules. Thus it can be assumed that childcare is a service for the children as well as their parents.

Enrolling your child at Narre Warren childcare

Community based early childhood education provides lasting impact on the children’s success later in life. It works especially well for children who come from less resourced environments. However, the children must be sent to a high-quality daycare. It is not only enough to have access to early childhood education but the children must be introduced to a warm safe and supportive environment that offers them opportunities to play and engage in hands-on learning experiences.

 When children are sent at the Narre Warren childcare they can expect to have all of the above opportunities to thrive in an environment that helps provide them safety and security.

The childcare system allows all children to thrive. Enrollment in a high-quality daycare center plays an important role in children having higher levels of empathy and resilience.

 A daycare setting provides opportunities for children to learn new skills and practice their understanding of these social skills by interacting with their peers and caregivers.

Children learn positive social skills such as sharing, turn-taking, negotiating, and positive communication. They learn all these things naturally in daycare because a great deal of learning takes place through play at this age.

 Play based interactions also strengthen the child’s interpersonal skills that they learn from their caregivers. Childcare programs have a positive impact on the child’s cognitive growth and school readiness. At the daycare, children are introduced to structured activities which are designed to engage senses and stimulate cognitive growth.  While children do not need to learn to read before attending kindergarten, but they are provided phonemic awareness which helps them develop reading skills early on.

Childcare provides a skill-based curriculum with individualized instruction which helps provide a solid foundation for later education. Research has also documented that quality daycare can have an impact on the child’s long-term academic success.

 Children are provided consistent opportunities to interact with others which means that they have ample time to observe and develop their communication skills. From interacting with their peers at mealtime and playtime children learn language development through day-to-day interactions.

For more information on Narre Warren’s quality early learning, make sure you visit the childcare center in person.