Tips for enhancing your child’s kindergarten experience

Kindergarten can be an overwhelming experience for any child. Even if a child was already attending preschool the transition from a smaller classroom setting to a bigger one can be challenging. However there are certain things which parents can do in order to enhance the child’s kindergarten experience. The following are few tips from the teachers at deception Bay kindergarten to help parents make their kindergartener succeed in school.

Learning tips from the teachers at deception Bay Kindergarten

It is important to encourage the love of reading in children. In fact we often underestimate the importance of reading. It not only has enhance the learning in all the subjects but it also provides children a wealth of information. Reading can help stimulate the imagination of the child and also nurtures the emotional bond. Children who read have better verbal skills and can analyse and think carefully.

It is not important that how well your child can be in fact what is important is that they are reading on a daily basis. Children with acquire reading skills at a different age and a different way. Instead of forcing your child to read according to what you consider is best it is better to let the child learn on their own. It is better when you read with your child every time and provide them with interesting information. It could be in the form of storytelling or even making up an imaginative story just by taking a look at the pictures.

The next step which parents can take is to make math a part of their everyday life. Instead of relying on flash cards and workbooks, it is best that your child learn to love Maths while they play with numbers. There are ways in which you could frequently point out numbers to them. You can start working with tangible objects and make your children learn to count and sort them. They can also learn the skills of estimating and measuring by looking at different patterns and solving real life problem. A child who Learns to think in a mathematical way wouldn’t have to worry about doing math at school either. You can ask your child to set the table and count the amount of plates and silverware. On the other hand a more practical approach is by letting them count the number of MnMs in the family size pack. This is a fun way of learning numbers and to keep a child interested.

It is also important to teach your child listening skills. There are teachers who say that there is a definite decline in the attention span of children and their listening skills. However it can be attributed to the fact that most of the children are used to the entertaining pace of computer games and the phone. However it is better that the child Learns to focus on what the person in front of them is saying. This is why it is so important for parents to have everyday conversations with the child at the dinner table or at lunch time.

Following these basic rules can help your child transition to kindergarten in a Deception Bay child care centre without any difficulty.